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Acne Prone Skin?

In reviewing these products to help educate you as the consumer, I do receive payment from these products; that said, I would not recommend something I can’t support professionally.


I’ve struggled with acne for a while. While I’m okay with one or two pimples every now and then, but obviously I strive for clear skin.

What is acne anyway? Essentially acne is a bacterial infection. Sebum, hair, dirt, and makeup play a part in clogging our pores. The pore can’t “breathe”, resulting in a pimple.

Sure, a prescription can get rid of the acne initially, but topical treatments are not only healthier and more natural alternatives, but sometimes more effective in prevention and treatment than some pill.

One of those natural alternatives is baikal powder, which is used to deal with inflammation; since acne is a type of inflammation, it’s useful for shrinking the size of all other pores, and healing the effected area of breakout. Bakial powder has also been attributed to many other health benefits.

Unless bakial powder is pre-mixed in a suitable product, I deem it unwise to order the powder raw online, since it is so potent.

Since it is so effective, many different acne systems use it, but this one is my favorite. I like this one because of its straightforwardness. It’s not a system that you have to use 100,000 cotton pads to apply, but it comes packaged in a nice little tube that you control how much comes out a little easier than oils and witch hazel.


Comment below if you are a chronic pimple-popper!


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