Dull Skin?

In reviewing these products to help educate you as the consumer, I do receive payment from these products; that said, I would not recommend something I can’t support professionally.


Since my last review, I wanted to test out another product from the same company, and I’ve been amazed by this company and the variations of their products.

Today I’ll be reviewing a face mist.

I’ve seen mists before and sometimes use them when giving facials, but I mostly like them for hangover days and traveling in my regular lifestyle.

Pink grapefruit is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that are essential to glowing skin–whether consumed or applied. Both of which fight free radicals and signs of aging. This pink grapefruit mist is convenient to use and since it’s not a cream, you can use it before or after moisturizing, or applying makeup, and really any time of the day.

This is not suggested for daily use, but more for once or twice a week. Since these are the dryer, and therefore duller skin months, this is going to be a staple for me. It smells great, and brightens your complexion. What’s better than that?

Oh, it’s also affordable ($5), and since it’s a pump spray, not an aerosol, it’s easier to control the amount of product coming out of the bottle.



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