Dry Skin?

In reviewing these products to help educate you as the consumer, I do receive payment from these products; that said, I would not recommend something I can’t support professionally.


Today I’m super excited to be reviewing an ultra-hydrating facial lotion.

Right off the bat, I fell in love with this company simply because their products are natural-based (a.k.a. expect more to follow). That said, the lotion is already looking to be a good review; it’s made of organic agave sap and aloe vera. Everything that is natural is perfect and harmless, right?

At least in moderation. If you were to eat raw, unfiltered agave sap, you would be poisoned. However, in moderation and through filtration it is very useful. This moisturizer is comprised of a healthy amount of agave sap and combined it with an ultra-hydrating element, aloe vera. If anyone has been sunburnt, you already know how wonderfully fast the body absorbs it. All of this is to go on to say how these two ingredients work very well together. While the agave sap plumps the skin, smoothing out any fine lines, the aloe soothes and hydrates the skin, giving a combined look of youthful dewy skin.

I was curious about this product because of the agave sap and wondered if it was going to be tacky, but makeup glides over it extremely well. It does not feel heavy or oily, which is a huge bonus.

All in all, is it worth the splurge?

Yes, and hardly a splurge! At $18, you can get it here.

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